I've had my hands in clay for almost 20 years now.   My work has taken many turns over the years.  "Art is like beginning a sentence before you know its ending." 

Since moving to Florida, I have also been experimenting with resin, paint and mixed medium -- something totally new for me and way fun.    But clay always calls me back.  

I fell in love with manhole covers many years ago, finding great beauty in these old industrial objects.  I started  by taking graphite rubbings and ended up with slabs of clay in the trunk of my car.  I love color in all forms, and particularly combined with designs made for iron and city streets. I have collected impressions of covers from DC, New York, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Santa Fe, and California.

My ceramic pillows were also inspired by industrial objects, those little bags of air that come in the mail as packing material.  I made a mold of one, and then multiple molds and then began playing with the form, and of course adding color.  

And then there's always making pots!

I relocated to Lake Worth, Florida in 2015 from Santa Fe New Mexico.  My art work can still be seen at La Mesa of Santa Fe on Canyon Road, Santa Fe New Mexico.  I am also a mother, grandmother, gardener, recovering lawyer, dog lover and I dabble in stand up comedy!.  I have one son, two grandsons, one dog and a wonderful world of friends and family.   

bella kept me company in my santa fe studio...

bella kept me company in my santa fe studio...