I began making art over fifty years ago.  Then I took time off to go to kindergarten and some and other schools, raise a wonderful son, teach high school, go to law school and do a bunch of other stuff.  I found art again in a little pottery studio in New York City while practicing law there in the late 1990s.  I've had my hands in clay ever since.  

I love color in all forms, including combined with manhole covers, a major body of work.  My ceramic pillows were also inspired by industrial objects, those little bags of air that come in the mail as packing material.  I made a mold of one, and then multiple molds and then began playing with the form, and of course adding color.  

Since moving to Florida in 2015, I have been experimenting with new materials -- resin, paint and mixed mediums.  So now I have paper, paint, glue, photos, resin, pouring medium, and lots of other beautiful things to try.  I also use silk screens that I make myself, both as images on clay, paper and canvas.  And I still work in clay.  I love making vessels to hold the ceramic pillows. 

My life has always had many facets.  I am a mother, grandmother, gardener, lawyer, dog lover, cook, friend and confidant.  My art work also takes many forms.  There are so many different ideas, materials and processes to try.  For me, art continues to be like beginning a sentence before I know its ending.  And color is my constant. 

Before moving to Florida, I sold my work in a gallery on Canyon Road, in Santa Fe New Mexico.  Now Iā€™m learning the modern way and my wonderful artist rep is showing my work on Instagram.  Follow me there @nancyudell

what is it about vessels?

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